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The Society home page version 3
The Society went live with upgrades to last week. Exciting additions include a destinations directory, member-to-member messaging, community search, and a new home page. While there's still much to do in the ever changing website, increased buzz about the company and site features has been very encouraging.

The biggest item in last week's publish was the addition of destinations. Visitors are now able to browse through geographic locations featuring local vacation rentals, golf courses, snow resorts, weather, and other local information. Vacation rentals and activity listings allow easy access to local resources through the new destination pages as well. Headed by The Society developer, Greg Pasquariello, Further additions and enhancements to this feature are being made daily.

The Society community members keep in touch through Cicada developer Jim Duncan's new member inbox, and Cicada developer Ben Bonnefoy's community search. The community search makes finding other members a snap! The inbox allows members of The Society to send private messages to each other and keep up to date on the latest community events.

Scott Berkley, co-founder, had a vision that inspired my work on the new home page design and development. Colors are richer, focusing on the luxurious mood. Luxury vacation rentals are emphasized through an animated slide show, and easy access from a new map and featured destinations. Conversions of other pages to the new design/functionality are in the works.

Everything seems to be moving so fast! More updates will be posted as they surface.

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