28th National Space Symposium

Note: This website hasn't been updated for a couple of years. Standby for a new format and projects in 2017.

28th National Space Symposium website


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Archived, online


Link: http://2012.spacesymposium.org

Note: This website has been converted into static HTML for long-term security purposes and to serve as a reference of past events. Some features will not work (e.g. search, home page dynamic slide show, etc.).


Web developer, template builder

Additional Credits

Template design by web developer/designer Luciana Mendes. Artwork based on 29th National Space Symposium commemorative poster designed by Joe Vinton. Content maintained by several Space Foundation co-workers.


Provide customer information and promote registration for the Space Foundation's largest event of the year, National Space Symposium.

Highlighted Features

Custom agenda functionality, connected with speaker listings, custom reports, custom JSON feeds produced for 28th National Space Symposium mobile app created by Raytheon

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