The Dental Diva website
She's smart. She's pretty. She's a dentist, and an educator. She's The Dental Diva! With her contagious personality, I totally see her appearing on Oprah.


Her new website has been revealed to the public today. The logo was designed by Tim Ovesen. As my own design and build, the website holds media, a customized shopping cart (from plugin), FAQs, info about The Dental Diva, and more. Her hot product right now is a DVD called "Smiles for a Lifetime". It educates parents and kids on how to take care of teeth like a parent/dentist would throughout the growing process. There is much knowledge in the video I had no idea about.

Old Website
This is a snapshot of the old website. Focused on the product alone, it would expire as soon as a new product came out. The new website shifts focus to Dr. Jamie Johnson, and makes the product an offering of The Dental Diva.

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