Why support million dollar crybabies?

why support million dollar crybabies denver post print ad

Commotion published a print ad in the Denver Post titled, "Why support million dollar cry babies?" to promote affordable ticket prices at the Broomfield Event Center. After several calls and complaints from the Denver Pepsi Center's Nuggets and Avalanche organizations, the ad was pulled from the Denver Post within a day.

Why would the Denver Nuggets NBA team and the Avalanche NHL team organizations throw a fit at an ad targeted towards "million dollar crybabies"? After all, the Broomfield Event Center hosts two 'minor league' teams - the 14ers (NBA Development League), and Rocky Mountain Rage (CHL). No direct competition there. By squealing about the ad, the ad proves that the Nuggets and Avalanche organizations ARE million dollar crybabies. Ouch!

Greg Gorman, Captain of Commotion was asked about his thoughts on the ad. He responded, "Broomfield Event Center is the premier new facility. It offers quality family fun and affordable prices. In order to send this message through the clutter, we need to create commotion. We're Commotion, and we made commotion happen."

The ad was designed by Commotion graphic intern, Brian Manzanares, on his last day! He graduated from Westwood College and worked on his portfolio and experience at Commotion as an intern until he found a great paying job just recently.

The point of the ad is true. Basketball games, hockey games, concerts, and other events at the Broomfield Event Center are much more affordable than events at the Pepsi Center and Budweiser Event Center. In conjunction with Commotion, the BEC is offering season ticket reservations for the 14ers and Rage for $14. That's also roughly the price per game, crushing ticket prices at other event centers. I could go to the game, and blow more money on food at that price! I could also afford to take family to BEC events myself. I would have to save money for months to do so at other locations.

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