Town Center Dentistry and Orthodontics

Town Center Dentistry and Orthodontics

After a year in the waiting, it's live! This design was created roughly one year ago compliments of Commotion to aid in Dr. Brett Kessler's success. Dr. Kessler was busy for some time, unable to provide content. I was also busy with a new job recently, making finishing tweaks during the weekend when there was spare time. At last it's up!

Dr. Kessler and his wife, Dr. Gina Kessler, run their private practice, Town Center Dentistry and Orthodontics in Stapleton, Denver, Colorado. They show a strong believe in value over bargains, focusing on general dentistry, cosmetic dentistry, and orthodontics. They get to know their clients and sit down with them providing all options before doing any dental work. They also make use of the latest technology and give superior customer care.

I became convinced of this when Amanda split her front tooth and filling on a popcorn kernel while designing this site. She was in great pain with a dangling filling, needing attention right away. Kessler took her in and educated her on things that no other dentist told her. It turns out that fillings like the one she had are temporary (was never told this). She could keep buying fillings over and over again, or permanently fix the problem with a veneer. She has one now and I can't tell the difference between her veneer and her other teeth. It's an impressive work of art!

Dr. Kessler is now Amanda's dentist. She said she wouldn't see another dentist ever, and has had him make other repairs to her teeth. She has a bad fear of dentists due to bad experiences in the past. I'm glad she is comfortable at her new office.

Town Center Dentistry and Orthodontics - before
Here's a snapshot of the website before redesign. Many of the links didn't work.

Perhaps it's time to get my teeth looked at. My mouth feels good, but who knows what's lurking in my mouth. :P

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