No Rockies Tickets For You

Rockies Tickets Wait Page of Death
The waiting screen of death!

Millions of visits combined with unprepared web preparations caused chaos across Denver today and yesterday as everyone was forced to buy world series tickets online. I've heard everything from constant cookie errors, page loading timeouts, and people getting in then getting kicked out after entering credit card info.

Yesterday only a couple hundred tickets were sold before the system fell on its butt due to a "malicious attack". I don't doubt it. A lucky person in my building was able to buy beyond the purchase limit of 4 tickets by hitting the back button after getting in and making a purchase, starting the process over again. A man on the radio boasted about skipping the waiting page through some simple scripts. I bet that "malicious attack" was just the general public desperate for tickets, without the required safeguards put into place. Ticketmaster or some other company would be more fit for the high volume job.

No luck buying tickets here. I made it past the waiting line twice, but froze up after that.

I would hate to be the one in charge of this mess. I'd have 3 to 5 ulcers by now.

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