The Society Featured on 9News!

The Society was featured in a story today at 5:00pm by 9 News. Mike McFadden, co-founder of The Society was interviewed in Vail, Colorado, discussing the big DNC promotion coming up. In August most tourists leave their vacation rentals for their own homes elsewhere, driving vacation home rental prices down by half at that time of year. With the Society's "DNC Getaway - Escape to the Mountains", visitors renting vacation homes save an extra 10% over the 50%, plus get a $50 gas card! Dude, where's my car?! That should entice some people to stay clear of the tragedies of Denver's conventional democrat mayhem!

One thing this promotion did was drive silent property managers out of the woodwork. Those who are partnering with The Society now are already experiencing the benefits and coverage. The Society's excellent press tactics would be enough for me to take action if I was a property manager myself (besides, The Society does most of the work anyway. Why sit around while your vacation rentals sit around as well?). Just wait until the new website design is finished, then the fun really begins. :)

For more details, visit the official website blog post, and The Society of Leisure Enthusiasts Democratic National Convention promotion page.

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