Template Enhancements template enhancements - after first round of revisions
Now that is more unified in a framework and all pages/views using the same template files, enhancements to the overall design have begun to take place. Above is a preview of what will be published to the live website in the next couple days. template enhancements - before first round of revisions
This is what the website looked like before design revisions.

The design isn't the only area of improvement scheduled to launch shortly. Scott Berkly, Nick Deljia and myself have made several search engine optimizations to make the website more visible on the web. I was very happy to have the opportunity to create a google sitemap generator. Over 9,000 urls from our website are automatically placed in xml files to be submitted to Google, Yahoo,, and

So far the search engine efforts have been successful! New pages are indexed every few days by Google, and our Google PR score raised from 3 to 4 today (9 being the max score)!

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