NOTE: Chris is making it happen at the Space Foundation with great joy, and is not available for hire. as Web Developer

The Society of Leisure Enthusiasts connects travelers with luxury vacation rentals through the Luxe Alliance (trusted network). I worked with a team of developers and marketers to transform a frozen CMS system into an appealing, scalable, flexible, self maintained framework. I worked with and learned from expert contractors who planted SEO, framework, and development seeds that I grew to make easily scalable in several ways. Flexibility and a fast work pace was key through start-up business plan adjustments.

Personal highlights include redesigning look (before/after), template creation, "tool kit" for other developers to use, updated logo and other logos and icons on tight time schedules, automated button graphic creation, title formatting, slide shows, google sitemap generators, automated pdfs for marketing events, availability calendars, database components, comments/reviews, favorites, bulk image handling/resizing, email classes with templates, rental inquiries, and several pages created with custom front and back end functionality.

Additional tasks include helping build the travel agent portal, fully designing/building the new wedding portal, built charity website maintained by the marketing department at, launching online marketing campaigns and landing pages such as and Vacation Rental Giveaway, spiked traffic with email campaigns and fun eCards, designed several print pieces for the marketing team that were printed by the thousands and distributed at different events, and continued to make more efficient to save on development costs.

Shane Macomber - Vail Photographer

Shane Macomber - Vail Photographer

Shane Macomber demanded maximized emphasis on photography, minimized distractions, and full control control over key features. He got it with this HTML/Flash hybrid website, and has had great success generating business and search engine results. The blog and testimonials are powered by a customized WordPress installation. Flash functionality was created from the ground up. The home, weddings, editorial, and stories pages are powered by a homemade photo upload admin tool making use of the prototype javascript library
(play with a working demo here).
Bud Light Rock Paper Scissors

Bud Light Rock Paper Scissors was created for and used by Budweiser for their annual Rock Paper Scissors Competition in Las Vegas. The landing page energizes finalists and directs them to their appropriate travel accommodations. Play rock paper scissors with the hand, or wait idly for fun taunts. Layout design by Dmitri Wood. Concept, hand creation, and website functionality by Christopher Stevens.
Parking Stripe Advertising

Parking Stripe Advertising

It's advertising... on a parking stripe! Parking Stripe Advertising now owns the term, "parking stripe", in all search engines. Design includes the logo, website layout, dynamic Flash functionality, and other features throughout the site.
The Dog Father

"The Dogfather"

"The Dogfather" is able to vocally respond to 40,000+ questions/responses through a chat interface. The provided link gives a single generic response (full functionality requires dedicated Windows server with special software). Wait for additional idle animations. Click on the dog to make him mad.
Orbiting Items

"Orbiting Items"

Distributing a real-time 3D simulation of 12,100+ unclassified satellites orbiting the Earth requires approval from the government. I'm working on the paperwork now. Details are available in person. :)

Additional Random Anomalies

TownCenter Dentistry and Orthodontics.

Nothing says I love you like an explosive valentines card.

Can't make decisions? Try the Select-O-Matic

Floss Floss Dance and Toss (and website) | DVD AS SEEN ON TV!

Watch people's captured moments LIVE on watchflickr

Virtual Planetarium Demo using the Yale Bright Star Catalog data.

Group travel with The T.E.A.M. Group